Draft a letter!!- An Initiative by shipswake.com

We all believe that everything happens for a reason. An incentive that mankind possess is the ability to see light through dark times. We human that have always witnessed frontline battles, is now fighting an invisible enemy behind closed doors. Today, courage isnt getting behind the enemy lines. Today courage is to stay behind closed doors.

While I remain in isolation/ solitude, I just happen to be an inch closer to my Family. One thing the sailor life taught me is that distraction is not the only way to battle isolation. Of many, writing a few lines for people who have been a part, inspired or maybe just crossed paths, do great wonders.

Let us kill the notion ’I ain’t got time’, Since we now do have time, maybe a wee little. Let’s invest them on building connection. Spread the word and build a rapport like never before, only to bring us closer emotionally.

Here is what I wrote to someone special and she was okay with Me sharing this!

I wanted to do this the old way, but was left with only a couple of options.
1.To wait till the lockdown is over
2.To embrace the virtual media.
You know what I chose ;D (FYI, I chose the latter)
Yes, we talk on a daily basis; voice, text and video.
Nevertheless Writing was always cliched to me.
I would constantly cherish a hand written letter, it being a precious gift.
Clocks ticking, days passing and our journey from strangers to everything is taking it’s right shape.
Why do I want to write something like this?
Something with no direction or orientation.
This happen to be one of the million ways to talk.
We both know how important it is to talk.
Maybe I won’t be able to unlock all the million ways of communication in this life.
I will use whatever technique I have At my disposal,
to let you know that I am thinking about you.
A simple smiley would suffice as an acknowledgment,
not every time I write you something you have to reply.
But if you get time, surprise me like you always do!

Post your letter as a comment and let those crazy ideas flow!!