Shes a keeper!!

PC: Angitha

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep:slowly, and then all at once”

-John Green

Losing sleep N Being in love. When the latter pop up, the former almost always exist. Hope ‘Almost Always’ stood distinct in the previous statement. I put it there on purpose coz I am in Love and I can sleep like a baby. Now, who would like to toss and turn and look into the vague voids of darkness, only to be petrified by the ticking time. Believe me, Not even a guy in his vacation. I am at peace and that’s why I could sleep. Being In love need not be startling, It can be modest and silly.

Being in a relationship, well that’s not the question! WHY? is real question!
Her hair, nose and maybe something materialistic, something I can skillfully quote. Nah! it ain’t that simple. It wouldn’t have taken sizable duration to write something that I am so convinced about, if it were so easy.

It didn’t happen overnight, love was not called upon, she kinda broke in.
It’s not an individual entity that I adore, it’s a group of elements. Love is a feeling, yes. It’s furthermore a decision, a decision that remain immune to changing circumstances. I wanna stick to a handful reasons to admire her. If I lose a few reasons, I will find new ones. I am glad it didn’t happen overnight and I ain’t stupid to let go a keeper!