To Varna

One of the easternmost province of Bulgaria, kissing the black sea and slowly rising above the shallow shelves has become a highly sought destination of the European backpackers. low sea icing, golden sand and crystal clear shore line makes it an apt tourist destination for all seasons. While the estimated population,as of 2015, claims to be 334466, varna accomodates almost twice the number of visitors during her peak.

We happened to be there during an art festival spanning over a week. Graffities, paintings and gymnasts were the main attractions, amongst others. As the sun went down and the chill grew stronger, the crowd got thicker.

The Roman Thermae of Odessos:

The Roman public bath of Odessos were erected between end of 2nd and beginning of 3rd century AD, during the rule of emperor Septimius. With more than 7000 sq.m span it is the 4th largest public bath discovered in the European provinces of the Roman empire.

Shortly after a general crisis spread throughout the empire, reaching a point of profound deterioration. This is believed to be the primary reason for the brief-term functioning of the Thermae. The town could no longer afford the daily expenses and costly maintenence needed to keep the bath operational. Around 280AD. they were abandoned and later partially destroyed

It is believed that the gold treasure discovered at Varna Necropolis is one of the oldest treasures and dates back to 5000 BC.

The Famous Bulgarian Rose oil is used for making most expensive and famous perfumes. over 1000 rose blossoms make a gram of this oil. They also have rose soap, rose candies, rose cosmetics and rose wines.

Varna has a place for everyone. Romantic couples, party goers, the ones who love strippers. No matter what mood you are in, the place wont let you down and that too at an amazingly low prices.