Few awesome things I read last year


First few weeks after new year is all about, we bidding farewell to year that past and accommodating ourselves to the current annum. Memories and lessons ,motivation and grief hence only this article is no black sheep.   While I scribble down this piece, stealing a few glances from my overwhelming bookshelf and at the same time cuddling  a 2 am lull. I am humbled. It is so easy to own a room full of books, having not read even a fraction of em. Well, today is not the day you see me whine, but rather take pride over the fact that I managed to read at least a few.

 Here is the list:

  • Zahir-Paulo Coelho

An author, in search of his missing wife. There are a few who can see life like no one else, and express them (life) like no one else.  Times quote his books have had a life-enhancing impact on millions of people and I cannot say any less.

  • The Rise and fall of the third Reich

OK, I will be reading that again. It 1000 pages of awesome history, 1250 pages to be precise.  What is the Third Reich?  “Third regime or empire, the Nazi empire.

  • Finding my virginity

Once you are rich everybody wants to read about. Richard Branson, has a subtle way of narrating events that Will keep you hooked. But some part of me still love “losing my virginity’ more

  • The chamber

When you read a John Grisham novel, you just don’t read an episode, you live the episode. Chances of you losing your sleep are high if you touch his work.

  • The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements

This book was recommended by my sister-in-law, then a PhD student at Stanford.(Yes, she was a chemistry student). As the cover suggests, ‘A Tale’, so all you need is comfy cough and you will enjoy the read.

P.S: There is absolutely no need for you to know/understand SN1 or SN2 chemical reactions.

  • Creativity,INC.

The Author, Ed Catmull, President of PIXAR animation revel the ideas and techniques that made Pixar so popular and widely admired.


 I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year.

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