Guest post-An open letter

A letter to my fellows who are victims of these social anxieties. I know there are slick sociopaths, ruthless narcissists, ostentatious morality exhibitioners,  religious dissemblers, so called knowledge-givers and nose pokers . They are so many verities of these culturally manufactured toads who can’t step out of there wells and I know that these toads have been manufactured to increase our intra-psychic burden, to make us pallid unimaginative and sterile. They make us believe we are not right, we are the ones to be censured and alienated. Some of them even cross the limits by throwing sadistic gestures on our situations and moods. I often wander how organised this system of trap is, we are victims of these social monstrosities and we are not even able to acknowledge it. Individual suffering is something else but when one is victim of social suffering like this one needs to overcome it otherwise it would make us lose our integrity through and through. I know that this identification of causes is somehow traumatic but we need to overcome this horrid emptiness which is result of being social repressed by majority groups of society. We need to step out of state of regressive dehumanization. Such a catatonic devastation of self is extreme even if the cause is social. That’s the reason why our psychic terrain sprouts the cactus of indifference and cruelty but we need to believe we have to rise above it. We need to rise above this well crafted system of hypocrisy. You need to believe, I need to believe that the desert of emotional life contains on oasis of talent. You and I need to believe on such self -transformation which is going to go beyond social barriers. You and I need to believe that we can convince each other by sense of vitality or vividness. You and I need to accept we are able to confront it right here, right now !!

Saba Zain

Saba is passionate writer and a Freelancer from Pakistan. Studying language and literature form national university of modern languages.