5 Characters that will make you feel ‘The best is yet to come’.

  • Tyrion Lanister


What!! He was totally worth even before he became the Queens’s hand. But yes, the slow  rise in power even after being despised by his own family seems amazing. I just hope George R.R Martin doesn’t read this and end up his head on a silver platter.

  • Artemisia


Miserable childhood to the Xerxes Naval commander. Sheer hated can be so powerful.


  • Christopher Gardner 


Male protagonist from ‘The pursuit of happiness.’ Those who saw this movie might agree. Those who haven’t, go watch it & then you might agree. The movie aint a complete fiction


  • Severus Snape


I need extra sheets to describe professor Snape, but I will keep it short. Shy, different. He could impress Lilly even when a kid. Grew up into a double agent & a  wizard of an impecable reputation. But I could not digest the fact that a horcrux killed him, which was later killed by Neville Longbottom. He deserved nothing less than Avada Kedavra.


  • Michael Corleone


Son of Don Corleone and he needs no introduction since HE IS THE SON OF DON CORLEONE & Al pacino played it

“Making of a man is so incomplete if void of pain and suffering”                                                -You Know Who