Halibut capital of the world

Getting to a know a new piece of planet is the most wonderful perk of sailing. After weeks of Pacific transit, digging your feet into mud and grass is something you start craving for. Not that fair weather and steadily declining mercury near the Aleutians won’t be missed, but a change in routine always feels good. Lofty mountain ranges slowly blending into the clear blue skies were just the beginning, which could be seen and felt miles off the coast of Prince Rupert. Spruce trees piercing through the veil of fog seemed more like freshly planted shrub without a trunk, a remarkable pattern of randomness, while they stood equidistant from one another.

Though the resident claim Prince Rupert to be a small town, they generate over 1 billion dollars output for northern British Columbia, moving over 24 million tonnes of cargo annually. The city’s official founder, Charles Melville Hays worked tirelessly to put Prince Rupert on the global radar, seizing its strategic location and natural abundance. Their ambitions took a downfall with the tragic death of its main promoter Mr Charles in 1912, onboard an incident that shook the world, the Titanic.

Also, know as the halibut capital of the world, Prince Rupert is surrounded by water hence a favourite destination for water sport, mainly canoeing and kayaking. Vast stretches of calm and rushing downstream attract both amateur and professionals alike.

Hiking along lush greenery of butze rapids while the leaflets still shaking off the morning dew was an incredible experience. A warning sign ’ beware of wolfs’, might make you wanna reconsider but luckily we were accompanied only by snails and occasionally deer. A fairly long trail with moderate elevations, breathtaking views and a friendly neighbourhood.

Rushbrook Trail-1.5 km one way

Butze Rapids- 5 km loop

Tall Tree Trails- 4.5 km one way

Omineca Trail- 0.8 km one way

Moresby Pond Loop- 1 km loop

The wheelhouse brewing company, prince Ruperts very own brewery has been a fav among the visitors for its offbeat ale. scurvy dog, an award-winning beer is a must try. The place is rusty and dusty, with doodles all over the table, a tweaking light over your head and foosball table onto a corner. In my opinion, an awesome place to stretch your leg and quench your thirst.

“We were meant to explore this earth like children do, unhindered by fear, propelled by curiosity and a sense of discovery. Allow yourself to see the world through new eyes and know there are amazing adventures here for you.”

– Laurel Bleadon Maffei