Does that ring a bell?

I love pencil and brush. As a kid when my buddy would fantasize on grabbing all the candies, I was like, why? When stationary is right behind. I had a better plan, I would  steal both. But even before we could chalk out a working strategy, we grew up. Haha

The only time I woke up before the 6 am alarm was to complete a sketch/ painting I couldn’t, the night before. I so wanna curse human inability to stretch beyond a day without degrading, focus and attention. Blurry eyes, wavy lines( perfect for hairline but not so cool for arrows). You end up adding an extra shade, where you particularly hate adding an extra shade.

OK, that being said it’s pretty apparent that I love to paint and sketch, or rather its something that can keep me occupied for hours at a stretch.

so I pulled out random sketches from my phone memory. Everyone loves to walk down the memory lane, don’t they? The real memory lane is a B5 size book, back home miles away from where I pen this article, under the safe custody of my Mom. When I say safe custody, it means not even a bookworm would dare enter the vault without her permission. Will post those funny pokemon sketches later.

Heads up, please don’t laugh on my ONIX when I post it, I was really proud of it back then.

1. This was made on a Republic day. It’s that day when you fall in love with uniform, again.

2. My grandfather loved  watching The Animal Planet. I guess, it runs in the family

3. Tried sketching Taylor swift.

3. We better not talk about this 😀

4. He needs no introduction. That’s when iron man3 hit the big screens

5. I was trying to learn a new language. This happened during the coffee breaks

6. While I was still onboard, Somewhere in the North Atlantic on a Sunday