Like the European Sun

He sets for like months

But then when he rises again

For months again his legacy runs

Leaving behind a teary eyed mother

And a lover with a few incomplete letters

He sets on a voyage to a faraway land

Leaving behind memories faint and scattered

He sails away

Leaving behind the fragrance of his skin

The words left unspoken

The yang to his yin

To return to the moments left untouched

To a few leftover feelings

To the unkept garden

To the coffee mug left on the railing

To the joyful cries of friends and family

To the girl waiting at the corner of the street

To the mails not attended for quite some time

To the stories he has yet to complete

And he’ll sail away in a while again

As that’s what he has become

That’s where he left his boyish charm to be a man

A sailor, and yet another European Sun



Originally posted on Astral Fantasies.