Broken Reflections


Stare into it and tell me what you see?

Smile, do you see that smile or can you look beyond those shadows ?

Laugh,do you see that laugh or that evil mocking?

Cry, do you see those tears or your soul wailing?

What is it that you see?

A beautiful face or the ugly soul you dread

What is this obsession?

Is it the pretty face your fond of or the reflection

A reflection which masks the horrors beneath

You see a reflection of yourself

A reflection you have created for years

Years of toiling just for that one reflection

Which makes you believe you are the person you see

Look at it closely, are u happy with that image?

Or happy with the mask that hides your deformities?

I wonder…..

Is it the portrait of yourself that you adore

Or that treacherous deceiver?

Possessed you are, by this false demeanor

Embellishing it everyday you look at that reflection

Trying your best to love the image you see

Oh yes, you fooled them all

But your heart knows what lies underneath

Yet again you look at it in disgust

Those beautiful expansive eyes hides the cruelty embracing that soul

Those lips worthy of lust covers the envy within

Yes, wipe that mirror to see a clear reflection

A work of light on that mirror and yourself

Fools are those who crave for a perfect reflection

Fools are those who try to adorn that image

And dive into that pool of mirrors

But love conquers the one who discovers what’s underneath

Peace adores those who know kindness

Will we ever surpass that fear of what the reflection hides or be a slave in its kingdom?

Look beyond what the veil encloses

Look at your soul

Adorn it with love

Preserve its kindness

Fill it with honesty

Make it compassionate

This is your perfect reflection

A reflection perfect for mankind and worthy of admiration.