Season of Love



Serene white veil spread across the bushes. It grew thicker and thicker for the flakes kept falling from heavens. Drowning shrubs paddled for a gasp of breath, knowing little that they sooner or later will, lie under a thick pack of light white flakes. Among them towards the far end something else faded rather quick, human footprints. It made me amaze, for the park received no visitors during this time of the day, especially when its knee-deep snow everywhere. As pretty as it seems, from comfort within walls and a freshly brewed coffee, it’s freezing all around. I quickly grabbed my camera seeing something move under the overhung satin shade. It was an older couple holding each other as close as they could.

Should I rush and assist? Should I call for help?

Well, in a while I concluded, they are doing just fine.  Giggles and Nachos, arms wrapped around. Her smile no less than a newlywed bride. I held my place watching them walk to the narrow ends and slowly fade. Is that what they do when in love? Is crazy, the normal in love?  Can’t say for sure. But one thing’s sure, they made my day or rather stole that day forever.