Guest Blog: 5 reasons why travelling solo may not be a good idea


“Travelling solo is the single best thing you can gift yourself”

                                                                                      – anonymous


The travel bug continues to spread its venom deep into the blood of millennials. The young have become even more restless and a ‘solo trip’ has now entered their bucket list. Before you jump to an affirmative response to the facts and agree to the above quote by a certain anonymous, allow me to give you 5 reasons why traveling solo may not be a good idea.
(These reasons are derived out of my personal experiences and and i request you to not take them seriously) :p

It gets boring:
A solo trip can get real boring real quick (unless you are an extreme introvert who prefers to spend majority of your time alone). The excitement meter is at the extreme while the journey begins but a few miles or days into it and the level starts descending rapidly. Cycling around the city all alone – Boring, trying new cuisine at a fancy restaurant all alone – boring, spending time at the beach all alone – boring. While you explore new places, you constantly wish you had someone to share all your experience with.

You’ll end up questioning your life choices:
Spending a little time alone is healthy but spending too much time alone doing nothing transports your minds to unhealthy thoughts. These thoughts constitute of your life choices, the direction you are headed to, your relationships, career etc. While on a solo trip, you don’t have any option but to be all by yourself and that’s when the mind grabs the opportunity to swim in such thoughts. And this can ruin your trip. YES!

You don’t have anyone to share those memories with:
All you have is an album full of selfies. Maybe you did something spectacular in your solo trip. Ate a rat, or fought with a robber, or jumped from a cliff or did something which you always wanted to do; but, ALL ALONE? It’s so good to have joint memories, joint experiences which you can cherish along with your friends or other travel mates. Shared memories are way better than an album full of selfies.

It’s dangerous:
Travelling solo can be very dangerous. You may fall sick, you may die, someone may rob you, or you may be a victim of any calamity. Life is unpredictable and so are trips. It’s always better to have someone in times of crisis. Your travel companions will definitely help you recover if you fall sick, you can borrow their stuff if you get robbed. And if at all you die during the trip, those companions will at-least bring your body back safely.

It’s difficult to make friends:
Every solo traveler steps out thinking he will meet like minded people on the journey and they will instantly become friends. But the reality is, it is very difficult to make new friends. You can’t get along with everyone you meet on a trip. A youth hostel can be a very good spot to meet interesting people from around the world, but giving them the ‘friend’s tag is just not easy.

So before you embark on a solo journey make sure you evaluate the above points and reconsider your travel decisions. But then, if you have already decided to suffer, then who am I to stop you.

Happy Travelling!




  1. Point 4 is very valid but everything else is just a question of perspective. As a regular solo traveller I’m hardly ever bored when I’m on my own

    1. Hi Sukanya, i’am traveling solo to Himachal next week. This is going to be my 3rd solo trip (first in India) and i’m actually looking forward to it. But still, i would love to receive tips and suggestion from you.

  2. I’m not agree with this article. As a solo traveler, you have to prepare everything in advance very well. Include medicine, etc. And of course you have to study the culture, accommodations, etc in your destinations. It’s not easy. But it’s fun and more adventure. You also have chances to meet another fellow traveler. Especially in famous destination. You learn how local people life. What I experienced, solo traveling has taught me to be more confident, and it also opens my mind to share memories with people around you. So don’t be a tourist. Be a traveler!

    1. hey Kathleen, your comment is exactly what i experienced during my last solo trip (which was after writing this article). To do whatever you want and not wait for anyone’s approval is the best thing that can happen on a vacation.

  3. I agree that solo travelling can be daunting but you are in no more danger or peril than anyone else travelling in a group, in fact I think when you are by yourself you are hyper vigilant of your own personal safety. I always let someone back home know my itinerary and where I am staying, I send copies of important travel insurance details and a copy of my passport to someone in my family just in case.

    In all the years I’ve travelled by myself I’ve never once felt bored or questioned my life choices, I’ve embraced it and created fantastic memories that I am so proud to be able to look back on.

    Yes there have been moments of thinking this is overwhelming by myself, but actually the confidence travelling solo gives you means that you can be really proactive and deal with anything that you encounter along the way and this mentality returns home with you as well.

    I hope you enjoy your next solo trip and see it as such a luxury to have the freedom not only to travel, but to travel with your best companion – you!


    1. Hi Emma, thank you so much for taking time and writing. The solo trips i took before writing this article were unplanned and lacked a goal. But my ‘planned’ solo trip last month (which was after writing this article) was life-changing. Being an introvert i usually find it very difficult to make new friends. But on this trip, i overcame that and made new friends. I am so glad this happened. I have decided to go on more solo trips now. 🙂

  4. The reason I checked out this post is because I love solo traveling so I wanted to check if anything in here could stop me from doing that. Nope, not a single reason applies to me. Solo travel it is! Woohoo.