HARLEY DAVIDSON was born here!!

So, it was a bright and sunny day with the right amount of chill in the air. One of those cherished moments when you fall in love with your jacket. So winding up a few 11th hour businesses, we were all set to head out. It was late afternoon by then, but when it comes to sightseeing ‘its now or never’


Milwaukee being the birth place of Harley Davidson, the first and obvious place to check out was unanimously voted. It is a city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin on Lake Michigan’s(the largest lake contained within one country) western shore.  A short cab ride and we were tossed into a dozen of H.O.G, throttling their mean machines only to curb our “Wow!” And to the left was an even louder “WOW!”, The Harley Davidson museum stood on a 20 acre campus along the west canal street on Menomonee river bank.

Range of bikes with the superior degree of personalization made us run out of adjectives. There was a bike for everyone. It ranged from “I am never riding that” to “That’s the one.” As I said earlier there one for everyone. As we walk along, we recognized the evolution Harley underwent including the areas of off-road, mountain biking and drag racing. It was a couple of hours very well spend and an achievement for all riders.

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Next on list was the discovery world.  Maybe 5 mins or less of cab-ride, from the museum. As we moved for it, the youngest of us all (by heart) saw paddle boat next to discovery world and had to ride it. He really really had to ride it. Putting destination 2 on hold we paddled, with one of us capturing moments on his phone. That thing moved fast and maneuverability, no less than fantastic. I found it amusing to drive those sea gulls away. Equally effective in both ahead and astern propulsion, (I know, it’s a small craft, but just love this word propulsion!!) putting it in its shed was a cake walk. By this time we were really hungry and running out of time. So it was either Discovery world or Hunger. We acknowledged the hunger call


Water Street is celebrated for power-packed night of entertainment. This Bustling bar district is a  foodie hub. Rodizio grill at N. Water Street, was the lady’s choice. She had an eye for awesome steakhouses. A buffet was exactly what we needed at that point. The aroma and mouth-watering delicacies were too good to resist, even after you being full.  The drink I ordered however was funny, experimenting with at least one dish was my thing. I just fell for the name.

With a heart full of memory, somewhat similar was the state of our tummies, we started heading back. But only with a hope that next visit better be longer than just a few hours.

Some features of Milwaukee:

Has over 150 state and country park

130 miles of bike trails

17 museums, 12 universities

15 golf courses

All major centers are just a 15 min bike ride away. well, of course if you got a ride.

How incomplete this trip would have been if not you (Jayant, Dafni and Himanshu).  While destination is important, so is the company.