MYSTIQUE Traveller



It’s not often that we meet people with a charisma to steal the entire herds attention for a while. Now when I say ‘while’ it is not a momentary attention like that of flash mob, which if void of quirky content will erode spectators like a flash. I sometimes doubt its effectiveness. Most of these performances are organized in a busy street, as the name suggest the presumed spectators are way too BUSY!! Anyway, The man I was talking about could engage a group of suits for hours, men and women alike.

My journey began or was supposed to begin at 4 in the morning, thanks to my executive (for booking the flight) and the airlines (for a straight 4 hrs delay!!) here I was, not tired not sleepy, but furious for being dragged to a conference with no slightest interest. My role was simple. Dress well, be a mute spectator while people with caliber talk.. and not to be seen near the bar. What else do I need to justify my clumsiness?

To sleep while traveling was never an option thus ‘to read’ became the only option. I head to a store and hurried through the shelf.  Picking a book was easy, relative to getting it billed at the counter. The seller was probably doing a job that, despise him the most. To convince him sell the book made me doubt my managerial skills but then it occurred to me it’s only 4 in the morning. Taking long strides left the place as soon as I could to occupy a seat with least of distractions. Though I missed my comfy couch and night lamp, Expresso-Hardcover worked its charm.

Terminal became more active in about an hour and seats were filling up fast. As I looked at gleaming sunlight and played the previous chapter through my head, I heard some broken words

“… . … . .house ….. .. . … . … .. .. …..ago…. . .. …”

The person seated 3rd to my right was still leaning towards me.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you”

“This publishing house was started a decade ago, by a lift man”. He said pointing at the book I held

“Were you the lift man?”

 “Nah. I wish, but no”!

And that was the beginning, slicing a bookmark through the book I focused on his flawless shift to new threads, more like a painting where in yellow blends into green with no transition to be seen, and lasted till the last person (me) got inside the aircraft. It was later that I knew we headed for the same conference. He surely was 15 years older, but up to date on all aspect. Technology, economics, Novels and even Trending cartoons. As we reached the place, he was frisked into VIP Glass-door. The show went on to become a grand success while he was busy playing the same trick, only this time he’s got a bigger group. Woops!! we exchanged no name but it never happened that I left a thriller for conversation, in an aircraft terminal. He surely, did develop some mad skills, probably over the years