Goodnight kiss


Breeze caressing those asymmetrically placed yellow tapes, occasionally shoved them to an entropic motion, managed to ruin the front-yard pretty well. She set her eyes upon an unused roll, occupying a nook, not very sure what to and what not to look. Grasping feebie by his collar, both equally puzzled, girl whispered in Beagle’s ears “what’s daddies new armlet and mommys nowhere?.” The blanket was warm; the night was dark but the red-blue strobe, like an unannounced guest, made it all look so weary, so clumsy.

With no one to speak, she lifted herself, still wrapped in blanket and eyes of mist. Held her place on granny’s approach, a smile broke out beneath that reddish nose.  Hugging her tight, a much needed hug, for she’s yet to determine ‘whos em people around’. No rain, no snow she wondered why, granny’s cheeks today, aint so dry. Comforting arms and confusion around, she rubbed her eyes easing to slumber.Her naive squeak, gentle yet firm, found these words prior dozing off to sleep-

“Please tell mommy I need my goodnight kiss.”