Captain, Pilot, Singer. A general cognizance that three names might follow is not happening here. The name that follows is only one. Capt. Pramod Chaudhary is simply all of them.  This Skilled navigator, with 15 years of sailing experience covering majority of trading routes across the planet, managed to keep his passion untared in the past couple of decade. Blessed with a melodious voice and a great inner drive (not to mention support from family and friends), today he is a singing sensation with an established and expanding base of followers. The man who made this transition into an area of interest is truly an INFLUENCER.

Capt. Pramod Chaudhary Started his sea career in 1988 by joining the prestigious T S RAJENDRA. Attaining various ranks of competence with minimal time, he finally quit sea in 2005 after being in command for several years.  As a master with multiple roles, responsibilities, commercial pressures  he found the book ‘Stop worrying and start living ‘  a good read and advice people in every industry to get a hand on it.

While its all cosy and lush on the outside, this shift ashore had not been a freeway ride.    “It was painful at times but was worth it,” says a soft spoken and humble Capt. Pramod.   First, teaching at Anglo Eastern then a Chartering broker at J M Baxi and later on, a marine Pilot. Well the obvious question ‘Why so many change of roles’ has an obvious answer ‘To gather time and pursue singing.’  All this time, never once could he not talk about the support of his wife. Well, this husband clearly adores his wife.

With a you tube channel and website under the same name; he’s got several recognition from prominent Music Directors and playback singers. Some of them being:

Semi-finalist of MOBISUR- Talent hunt show by Shankar Mahadevan

Playback singer for 4 Hindi Movies

All Shipping related celebrations (seafarers day, sailor’s wife’s events) remain incomplete without his presence

As for the younger generations, this is Capt. Chaudhary’s advice, “Do your homework before choosing and work hard after choosing. Choosing has a very wide range of possibilities in both personal and professional perspective.   Pushing yourself, becoming different in your own ways is a need. Though life might not make it easy, with capability and right amount of effort, we can achieve what we desire”



  1. I had not heard of this man before but that is not a put down as I listen to almost no music anymore, even from artists here in the U.S.. Your article is a very good read about a man whom seems to be, a very good and wise person, I wish him well as I do you for taking of your time to enlighten folks like me about him. I am going to go ahead and reblog this article for you.