Mighty Pen


Cannot remember the last time I wrote a letter or an essay for that matter on a notepad (I mean offline).  While the contributing factors for not jolting down letters are many, it’s been years. Funny I had to use offline. can’t help, the so called, obvious is heeling on to the other end. The era of superior output, better turnaround has indeed killed human patience levels. That to some extend justifies our dependence on applications. Adaptive, Easy to share and what not. Hence only the very transition from pens to keyboards to virtual keyboards took not much (well, that statement is quite debatable though).

Where’s the fun if auto-correct wipe mistakes out even before they have been committed. Looking at the bigger picture mistakes are fun. And double the fun if,not readily apparent.

Downfall of dictionaries from necessity to, “ohh! I think I got one” . Scrunching a paper for no fault of it and the mess that followed. Coloring pictograms while framing sentences.

Is this being too old school?  My niece (tablet era) might say that. For some reasons I believe bean bag and A4 is strangely compelling.

Many adhere to old ways to stand out while some, repulsive to change. For me, there’s no harm in walking along the past decade sometimes.