Halibut capital of the world

Getting to a know a new piece of planet is the most wonderful perk of sailing. After weeks of Pacific transit, digging your feet into mud and grass is something you start craving for. Not that fair weather and steadily declining mercury near the Aleutians won't be missed, but a change in routine always feels... Continue Reading →

Does that ring a bell?

I love pencil and brush. As a kid when my buddy would fantasize on grabbing all the candies, I was like, why? When stationary is right behind. I had a better plan, I would  steal both. But even before we could chalk out a working strategy, we grew up. Haha The only time I woke... Continue Reading →


Like the European Sun He sets for like months But then when he rises again For months again his legacy runs Leaving behind a teary eyed mother And a lover with a few incomplete letters He sets on a voyage to a faraway land Leaving behind memories faint and scattered He sails away Leaving behind... Continue Reading →

The Horse latitude

Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge During those sailing days, when baggywrinkle and backstays were still understood, a time when the industry ran on the mercy of winds and gods, there was a dreaded zone called the horse latitude. Who won't... Continue Reading →

A Shackle called Love

In times like these that we find real meaning, or at least we give an honest attempt to find one. How much he loved that life with lesser options. Leaning back with arms clenched and head resting on a dusty shelf. He cared less of the sweat gliding down his brow travelling all the way... Continue Reading →


Award, in the form of recognition, is the best-cherished memory that someone can present you. I would like to thank SNEHA for nominating me and wish her great success for her blog sporadicpoetblog. May she produce great content. What’s Liebster Award? It’s an award in which bloggers nominate other bloggers for showing respect to their works and... Continue Reading →

Life, it goes on.

He drove the same route back and forth on weekdays, well over a year now. Same hoardings, same pasta, same cursed traffic lights. It aint exciting anymore. Deteriorating attention span, peppery hair and social media hypertension, suffering from middle age crisis like every other person of his age group. Failing to understand when will enough... Continue Reading →

A Thank you Note.

How surprised I was, looking at the daily stats this morning. Numbers are a beautiful thing, aint they? I started this blog not only for me but for the vast pool of talent out there, disinclined to come forward. A gateway......a platform for wordsmiths with passion and people with an opinion.  All I can say... Continue Reading →

She just wont stop!

“It’s dangerous” “I know” “You might get hurt” “It could be far worse” “As much as I love your honesty, sometimes I don’t want you to be” She gave a look, arched brows and bluish, almond-shaped eyes, looking straight through him, piercing him. She was ready and confident like never before. He could say no... Continue Reading →

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